Peeled boiled eggs are a ready-to-use product. Boiled eggs are an obligatory ingredient in many dishes, especially salads.

Using the product in cookery allows to decrease cooking time, as well as to avoid breaking and wasting eggs before boiling, which is crucial for big-scale cookery production. Furthermore, the product makes it possible to reduce staff, there is no need to consume energy for boiling or to dispose of egg shell. Therefore, this product will be highly estimated by people working in cookery, salad production or hotel and restaurant business.

Manufacturing process: Eggs are boiled in hot water, then chilled, peeled and, finally, packed in buckets filled with marinade. Technological parameters are selected so that eggs don’t crumble when they are cut.

Packaging: Boiled eggs are placed in buckets with marinade containing 75 or 150 eggs, filled by marinade. It is enough to rinse them with cold water before using.

Storage conditions and shelf life: 28 days at a temperature from 0°С to +4°С.